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Exclusive distributor of VIWA Watersafe water leakage protection in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltics.

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What is VIWA Watersafe?

VIWA Watersafe is an advanced leakage protection system that monitors and secures water systems in buildings using sensors and solenoid valves.

How does the VIWA Watersafe system work?

The system uses advanced technology to detect leaks and switch off the water automatically to reduce the risk of water damage.

Which countries does VIWA Watersafe distribute to?

VIWA Watersafe is the exclusive distributor of the system in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic countries.

What are the benefits of VIWA Watersafe for property owners?

VIWA Watersafe ensures safety and reliability for property owners by reducing the risk of costly water damage and giving users confidence.

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